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Laptop Repair Services & Rates

Laptop Screen Repair Santa Rosa

North Bay Computer Repair is committed to helping you. 
If you find you are in need of a computer service not listed or you need help identifying
your needs, please give one of our friendly technicians a call:

707-921-1145 or email us:


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Laptop Computer Repair

We Repair All Computer Brands.

DC Jack Replacement  
We service ALL brands of laptops. Price includes all labor and parts.
All repairs are performed quickly to get you back up and running.

We provide free pickup in Santa Rosa & guarantee a 72 hour turn around (rush services available).
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*$199.99 price applies to most computers.


LCD Screen Repair & Replacement Service

+ Cost of pa
If you have a broken, damaged or malfunctioning Laptop LCD screen, this is the service for you!
All Laptop Repairs are Guaranteed! Ask about our superb part discounts!

PC Diagnostic      $49.99
FREE with paid service
Tell us the symptoms and we'll figure out why your PC is not performing as expected.
If you decide to have us fix the problem, the diagnostic is Free!
Virus,Spyware,Malware Removal                                             $149.99
We are experts at removing all virus types including newer ransomware viruses like cryptowall and cryptolocker.
Are you experiencing pop-ups or a slow PC? Did your computer stop responding or freeze?
Is your system crashing or failing to boot? Do you see error messages or warnings?
If you answered yes to any of the above, your PC may be infected with a virus or spyware.
Our expert, friendly techs are here to help you and fix your problems quickly.
PC/Operating System Restore $149.99
Some users know what they want -- they just want to start over from the very beginning. With our PC Restore service, we'll re-install your operating system and all the appropriate device drivers, plus up to three applications you provide (ex - office applications, video games, etc).
Includes free pickup and delivery in Sonoma County.
Service takes up to 72 hours for completion.
PC Tune-up/Optimization
How old is your PC? If your computer is more than a year old you probably need a PC Tune-up.  Like your car, computers need regular maintenance and periodic performance upgrades to keep them running smoothly. Our tune-up service includes several maintenance procedures aimed at vastly improving the security and performance of your PC. Includes free pickup and delivery in Sonoma County!
This services takes up to 72 hours for completion.
PC Tune-up w/Virus & Malware Removal
SALE! $229.99
Our tune-up service includes several maintenance procedures, such as spyware and virus removal to improve security and performance. We also include our PC Tune-up service to protect you against future spyware and virus problems.
PC File Transfer   Inquire
Have a new computer and need help moving your stuff from the old to the new? Many people have trouble getting all their data off of their old computer and onto the new one. We'll take care of this task for you and get your data files migrated to the new PC in no time.

PC Setup & Repair

Managed PC Protection  - Virus & Malware Protection)                                                    $120.00

Viruses and malware are two of the biggest dangers facing PC users. We will install and configure proven, reliable anti-virus and anti-malware software on your PC, protecting you from being infected in the future.  The best part is we manage this protection package for you, with technicians that check the health status of your software daily to verify the software is always working as it should for you.

Does not include virus removal service.

PC Software Install - Inquire
Need to install a new software application? We will install it for you and make sure that it is
working correctly.

Priority Service                                                                            25%
applies to Service Fees only
Our standard service is 72-hour turn around on all PC services. However, expedited service
is available, based on availability. With Priority Service, we will fix your PC before close of
the next business day. The Priority Service charge also applies to work performed at hourly
rates when that work is performed after hours or on Sundays at the customer’s request.

Emergency Service                                                                         $100/Hour
(in addition to all other fees)
Sometimes, you need your PC problem fixed right away – you can’t wait two or three days
for standard service. Our Emergency Service is precisely what you need. We can get a tech
to address your problem right away.

We are here to serve you!!

You can't trust your valuable data to anyone.
You can trust North Bay Computer Repair, We Guarantee It!
Affordable, reliable technicians, here to help!

Call North Bay Computer Repair today! 707-921-1145


We Repair All Laptop Computers & PC Brands!

North Bay Computer Repair
CA License #: 87452
Santa Rosa, CA


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